Herbal Healing

Our products are made from only the best essential oils and other products with amazing healing benefits.  Biblical oils are the basis of each formula


Our mission is to emphasise the benefits of natural oils, especially the biblical anointing oils and to remind people that God blessed us with natural products with such amazing benefits.

Spiritual Journey

Our product line promotes a journey of healing body, mind & soul.


All our ingredients in our products are sourced naturally and ethically

Delivery to major Centers

We deliver your orders straight to your door for clients living in major South African centers

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

Even though my love for creating skincare with essential oils started in my kitchen many years ago the Healing Grace range today is mostly researched and developed by DC Laboratories to ensure premium, quality approved products.

Our products are created from natural ingredients and we don’t use any fragrances in our products.  Every “fragrance” in our products are created by using essential oils only with fantastic benefits for mind, body and soul.  Healing Grace is a brand that was born from the need to create a range of products that will expose our customers to the amazing benefits of herbs.  We want to share our love and appreciation of God’s healing herbs with the world while creating an environment where you can build your own business by marketing these amazing products from the comfort of your home while still being present in your very important role in your family.  We would like to play a role in empowering you to become financially independent without sacrificing time with your families.

How it all came to be…

Our Story is one of personal growth

I started Healing Grace in 2020 after initially just thinking about creating a perfume with anointing oils.  My idea was to bring anointing oils back again into our daily routine.  I have not touched anointing oil after I anointed my late sister the day before she passed away from brain cancer.  I’m not really sure why.  I turned my back on God for 15 months after she passed away, but I’ve been back on my journey with Him for a long time since then.  I never really got involved in anointing oils again after that but recently a lady in my biblical counseling study group touched on a few things with regards to her journey with the oils and that really inspired me to start digging into biblical oils again.

I’ve always loved herbs and essential oils.  For many years I’ve been making lotions, soap, skin care and ointments in my kitchen with herbs from my own garden as well as essential oils.  I really believe in the healing properties of the plants that God gave us.

When I was thinking about creating a perfume with essential oils my idea was to be able to use this on a daily basis.  I came up with the idea of having an oil based perfume to use as an anointing oil but also to have a proper perfume in a spray bottle to use with your anointing oil that will have the exact same oils to complement each other instead of having your standard perfume that will clash with the fragrance of all the oils in your anointing oil.  I mixed some of the popular biblical anointing oils at home and started to create a basic formula of what I wanted to use for this product.  This was taken to a contract manufacturer and formulator and there our first product was developed.  Our very own anointing perfume called Jade.  Named after our little girl that passed away in 2004.

The rest of our brand was inspired and built from that, using anointing oils as the base to start each formula.  Each of our products are built on the healing properties and other amazing benefits of the herbs rather than the fragrance you get from it but a lot of time and effort went into getting the perfect balance between the two for the perfume.  We hope that you will really benefit from these amazing essential oils that was used in every single one of our products.  Herbs are really a blessing from God and comes with such amazing benefits.  Please have a look at the rest of our website to read the info we will continue to share on some of these amazing oils.

Healing Grace is built on the three gifts that was given to Jesus by the three wise men. 

Gold – a sign of royalty.  Kingdom Business.   God is in control of our company.  Since we can’t use gold as an ingredient for obvious reasons, we use this as part of our packaging.

Frankincense – An expensive fragrance or perfume made from trees in India and Arabia.  Treasured for its aroma and healing properties.  Precious in both meaning and value.  Frankincense is present in each of our formulas.

Myrrh – Used for medicine, cosmetics and anointing oil. It was used as a sacred anointment oil in religious ceremonies, as well as being known as a powerful healing essence.  Myrrh is present in each of our formulas.

We would love to share this business by empowering people out there to become part of a company that provides a platform where you can earn money while working form the comfort of your home.  Where you will be part of a team where we will assist you on your journey to become a successful businessman/woman while still having flexibility to be there for your family.  Contact us for more info on how to become a Healing Grace Warrior in your area.  We are in the process of appointing agents and team leaders across South Africa.

Start your own Journey

Become part of our amazing team by marketing this fantastic brand of natural products created from scripture-based oils and other essential oils with amazing benefits.

Our range is unique, natural and beneficial to mind, body and soul.