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  • Amore Osher recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

I invited Donna to my Women’s Fellowship on Saturday 16 March – an amazing presentation together with excellence – attention to detail with the packaging of her products – I love the product – anti aging serum is a must have – please support this beautiful business with such a variety to all our needs – nothing was overlooked when she formulated these beautiful oils – invite her ladies you will be abundantly blessed

May God richly bless and protect your business dearest Donna

Keep running with excellence

Much love

Amoré xxx


  • Myra Snyman recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

Donna jou produkte dra die salwing van Abba.

Elke produk wat ek tot dusver gebruik is/was ń blessing.


  • Arista Steyn recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

I received a sample of the anti-ageing oil and anti-ageing serum at a function on Saturday. I’m usually sceptic about using unknown products because my skin is very sensitive. I decided to give it a try on Saturday evening. I have been using it every day since, and it is amazing. It feels so good on my skin and I have no reaction. I am ready to buy more product, I would recommend giving the products a try – you won’t regret it.


  • Yolandi van Staden recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

Wow the products and the owner are amazing. The smell of the face serum and how it makes my face feel is just so wow, I always battled with huge pores but this serum shrunk my pores in just a few uses, it’s just my experience. I would absolutely recommend the use of these products


  • Inge Rebekkah Mouton recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

Menthol Rub,  Dit werk so goed vir verkoue en toe bors. Sodra ek dit aansmeer kan ek weer dieper asemhaal. Wonderlike produk.


  • Annette Potgieter recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

Headache blend works wonders. The comfrey balm healed my thin bleeding skin on my fingers in a few days and put it on every night before sleep time. The perfume bath oil I rub on my arms to feel extra special before I start work… The clients love the smell and can’t wait to also try it. The products are worth trying. Had a lovely morning with the girls


  • Melissa Carmen Lidbetter recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

Absolutely STUNNING. In every way. what a wonderful ladies morning full of networking, meeting new people and sampling the awesome products. Definitley recommend this beautiful company


  • Marian Hayward recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

I’ve been using the face products for a while and can really recommend it. The face wash and toner is absolutely the best!


  • Tracy-Kim Simpson recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

Informative and well presented presentation with extra attention to detail. Thank you ladies am most definitely going to try some products


  • renewed_with_love recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

Fabulous natural healing products do yourself a favour and spoil yourself they really work


  • Chantelle Shelton recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

I love these products! I have been using the face wash and toner for a week now and my skin has honestly never felt this good ever! And I have tried a lot of other products. The scrub has cleared the bumps on my arms within days! It usually takes weeks with my other products. I struggle with anxiety and occasionally panic attacks. The other night I felt an attack starting to brew, and I didn’t have my meds with. I used the anxiety and depression oil, not think it will help as the only thing that ever helps is my meds. But I was surprised that the oil actually helped me to not go into a full on attack! And it was calming so I was actually able to go sleep afterwards. I have been struggling with headaches lately and I can’t keep taking panado (which doesn’t help anymore anyway). So I was surprised when the headache oil actually helped! All this sounds like a lot, but I was honestly so sceptical before I started using these products, because nothing ever does what it says it does. I cannot say enough how truly happy I am with the Healing Grace products! Thank you so much!


  • Annelize Bredenkamp recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

I won a give away from Healing Grace for the Hair Growth Serum. I ordered the anointing oil extra and also received some lovely samples. My hair was falling out like crazy, blocking the drain when I showered. My hair stopped falling our and the condition of my hair was amazing!! I have very thin curly/kroes hair and it grew to below my shoulders without knotting and breaking.

The anointing oil is part of my prayer breakthroughs. One of the samples was the anti-ageing serum. Love how it moisturised my dry skin and plumped up the fine lines.

Another sample was the beard oil. My husband doesn’t have a beard so I gave it to a co-worker. He relocated to Israel and send me a message that he has not been able to find anything this good again.

The products are fantastic!! Donna may you blessed beyond any of your expectations!!


  • Mericia Badenhorst recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

Yesterday I woke up with a terrible sinus headache and decided to try the Healing Grace Headache Blend. I was a bit sceptial as these headaches usually last for a few days. I applied it to my temples, back of the neck and spine, and gently massaged it in. By the afternoon, while doing a few things I the garden, I realised my headache was gone! It did not even return overnight. I am not a sceptic anymore!


  • Liam van Vuuren recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

I have been using the Healing Grace, Noah range for men for 3 months now and I am excited about the difference in my skin. The combination of face wash and freshener leaves my skin feeling amazing and really made a difference with regards to the oil build-up that I have been battling with for ages. Its a simple 3 step process that fits into my everyday busy routine and a definite product to add to any man’s skin care routine.


  • Julene Paton recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

I am besotted with Healing Grace! Their skin lightning facial soap bar has done wonders on my pigmentation. Its smells incredible and my skin literally glows. Thank you Healing Grace for the most incredible natural product.


  • Natalie Koekemoer recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

I am so so happy with Healing Grace’s products! Healing Grace adds such a personal touch to their packaging and it makes my heart so happy! I have always struggled as a teenager with having bad or difficult oily skin, Healing Grace’s products make my skin feel so smooth and refreshed without being too oily! Absolutely in love !


  • Denise Coetzee Van Aswegen recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

Love my facial serum and oil, use them daily with the facial soap Jade, my daily partner and today my 9 year also asked if she can have a spray of the perfume Actually all the products are amazing


  • Dalinda Rautenbach recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

Healing Grace is just such an amazing company. I have been using the Natural Repair and Nourish hair treatment oil…and let me tell you…POWERHOUSE! I have very long curly hair that gets exposed to heat DAILY and this has honestly just made my hair so much softer and it’s actually shining again. absolutely in love with this product!!!


  • Dalinda Rautenbach recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

Healing Grace is just such an amazing company. I have been using the Natural Repair and Nourish hair treatment oil…and let me tell you…POWERHOUSE! I have very long curly hair that gets exposed to heat DAILY and this has honestly just made my hair so much softer and it’s actually shining again. absolutely in love with this product!!!


  • Riaana Venter recommends Healing Grace Head Office

Ek geniet die face oil en serum, laat my vel sal en verfris voel. Die tekstuur van my vel vertoon fyner na sleg 2 weke se gebruik.  Die spot treatment en hair treatment het my verbaas


  • Amanda Haywood recommends Healing Grace Head Office.

The Spot treatment and hair treatment products really surprised me !! Would recommend it for hair that is in need of TLC , extra shine and growth. An amazing range of products.